TL;DR: Mediocre melodic second wave black metal from Finland.

Review: Tuhonsiemen hails from Jyväskylä, Finland. Unusual in the genre, this one is led by a female vocalist under the moniker Lord Perikato. The self-titled and live-recorded demo consists of seven songs of melodic black metal typical to the second generation in the genre.

Due to the nature of the recording session, the production is somewhat weak and crappy, even if there is some clarity in the sounds. For the melodic parts this makes sense, but other than that, the outcome could and should be a lot better.

Songs themselves are pretty solid yet offer zero surprises. The band has avoided the worst of problems with song-writing, but truth to be told, there’s not much to be noticed here. Nothing to be remembered. The demo is ridden with mediocrity and the band has no tools to overcome it. Some variation can be heard from mid-tempo to fast-tempo beating and vice versa, but that’s pretty much all there is to it.

Tuhonsiemen isn’t doing anything wrong exactly, but since it’s all just your averageish melodies and crappy sounds, there’s not much to be cheered for either.

Track list:
1. Ihmisveistos
2. Läpi unen kerrosten
3. Merkitysavain
4. Riivattu
5. Temppeli
6. Kylväjä
7. Kuoleman kaste

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