cf-s Creeping Flesh

TL;DR: Melodic death metal with hints of Bolt Thrower and Amon Amarth in it.

Creeping Flesh proved their worth with the previous EP release, Rising Terror (2015). The style of death metal is simply old-school beating with a lots of melodies included. There are some hints to Bolt Thrower which also shares similar lyrical topis such as war and whatnot. The main difference is that Creeping Flesh is more melodic and thus remind of Amon Amarth.

Unfortunately for these Swedish guys, Creeping Flesh is not on the same level as the two previous bands. However that doesn’t mean this band is some subpar shit, but on the contrary quite good. Demo contains three songs of simple and catchy death metal with no gimmicks. Riffs didn’t come with any extra luggage which proves to be a good thing. Low growling adds a touch of brutality to the songs.

Soundwise Scorched is of good quality. It’s said that these songs are a mere warning of a debut album promised to come later this year.

Track list:
1. Scorched
2. Trech Apostasy
3. Forever Onward