hateunboundHate Unbound
Inverse Records

TL;DR: Thrash metal got mixed with melodic death metal in a mediocre way.

Detroit, USA has given birth to band called Hate Unbound. For some reason beyond my understanding, they have done album with Finnish label Inverse Records which is mostly known for their work as “self-financed albums distributors” – more or less anyway. Hate Unbound play thrash-infused death metal and thus their songs are simply aggressive and fast-tempo beating. Pretty much the type you’d expect to be in this genre.

Plague’s songs are within the boundaries of the genre, both in good and bad. There are some melodic parts in the songs, and not too many or too few, and the overall feeling is energetic. Growling vocals are somewhat mediocrish, even though they play their parts just fine.

Despite all the good stuff in the album the result is somewhat dickless. The songs are not too catchy nor stand out from the rest of the crowd in the genre. Even though the production is pretty solid, the whole album feels more like a demo to me. It’s just not what a “finished product” should sound like. Plague is more like a prototype of an album to be, not the polished or properly finished album. If that fits your suit, check it out. Just don’t expect too much.

Track  list:
1. Baptized in Lies
2. Cut
3. Suffering
4. Burn Your Idols
5. Soiled
6. Puncture
7. Plague
8. I, Martyr
9. Grey Skies
10. The Fallen