judas-avenger Judas Avenger
Singles Collection

TL;DR: Traditional true heavy metal in the vein of the big names.

Review: Judas Avengers comes from Finland and you can probably guess, they have taken their name from Judas Priest. This isn’t so wrong, considering how these guys used to have tribute bands for names such as Judas Priest, Manowar, Iron Maiden and other pioneers. In addition to these fine names, this band is more or less hard rock influnced. When you combine such elements together, the result can’t be anything but good, right? Well, at least there’s a lot of potential in this vision.

Singles Collection consists, as the name implies, of demos made between 2015 and 2016. Effectively this means three songs: Make Me Fly, Empire of Dust and If I Had a Chance. Curiosity in itself, this collection has been released on USB sticks that resemble a drug needle. Unusual solution, to say the least.

The music is pretty simple yet good: true heavy metal with good production. Even though none of the songs really go off-road, there’s enough variation. All of them remind of the names mentioned above. The result is pretty good considering it’s actually quite hard to forge your own identity when you’re more or less a copycat. And that’s what this is – in a good way.

What is most important, aside song-writing, that he vocals are good. Skillful and clean enough, these vox manage to have some dirty side on them, too. Both high and low pitch screams are fine. On top of the vocals, the overall sound of is pretty damn good. It clearly energizes the whole band to a new level. Yet it can be said for sure, this band has a lot of untapped potential. Even though this collection is pretty solid, I’m more than eager to hear what this band does in the future.

Track list:
1. Make Me Fly
2. Empire of Dust
3. If I Had a Chance