This is one overlooked black/thrash gem. Released late last year, it probably flew under the radar because of Christmas, but good music remains timeless. Listen to this gnarly beast here.

MORDANT (Sweden) – ‘Demonic Satanic’

Genre – Death/Black/Thrash Metal
Release Date – November 30th, 2016
Record Label – To The Death Records (Sweden)
For fans of – Dissection, Nifelheim, Bolzer, Desaster, Naglfar, Sepulchral Curse, Cemetery Winds, Dawn

Long-running Swedish black/death metal band MORDANT are following the path of DISSECTION and NIFELHEIM, playing sharp, melody-tinged black/death metal but with a gnarly thrashy approach. The album gets even more thrashier and gritter as it progresses, and tosses in a SABBAT cover for good measure.

This is a rare instance of the band retaining the Swedish sound while going on to play a blend of at least three styles. The album gets more engrossing with each listen and the flavour is something that will have you coming back for more. To The Death Records have released one of the best albums in this unique style and it’s definitely worth looking into.

Track list:
1. Vengeance from the Dark 03:25
2. Devastating Storm… Evil Holocaust 03:01
3. Demonic Satanic 04:35
4. Evil Impalers 02:29
5. Blacking Metal (Sabbat cover) 03:57
6. Desecration from Hell 02:51
7. Infernal Curse of Evil 03:24
8. Screaming Souls 04:06
9. Count Lucifer

Line up:
Necrophiliac – Drums, Guitars
Bitchfire – Vocals
Carnage – Bass
Soulmolester – Guitars (rhythm)
Angelreaper – Guitars (lead)

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