downcast-collisionDowncast Collision
Rise Up

TL;DR: Yet another female-oriented modern metal band with hints of Arch Enemy.

Review: Downcast Collision from the Netherlands has been vaguely described as modern metal, which actually means basically nothing – except next to crap in many ears. And in a way this is exactly what Rise Up is: modern metal with various different elements what one can hear from metalcore to death metal to melodic metal to whatever female-oriented metal. There are vocals a la Arch Enemy, riffs akin to thrash metal and so many shades of various genres that it is pointless to list them all.

The more important question is: is it any good? Well, yes and no. On the other hand Rise Up is not exactly a crappy piece of shit, but it’s not a good album either. Production-wise the album is pretty solid and everything in that sense sounds good. Female growlings are more tricky. They are not as strong as many male ones are, but to be honest, it could be a lot worse. To say the least, they are doing a fine job in their own genre.

Songs then again are even less black and white. There are some good ideas, too, but for every such idea there is a mediocre idea or even some crappy stuff. More bluntly put, there’s nothing to remember here. Compositions are problematic. While the album manages to sound powerful and energetic on some parts, there are some annoying factors in the play, too.

Rise Up is not a good album as whole even if I can give credit to some details here and there. What Downcast Collision mostly remind me of is Arch Enemy, both good and bad, even if a less melodic. If this is what you’re looking for, sure, give this one a chance.

Track list:
01. Overthrown
02. Rise Up
03. Cast Aside
04. Second Sight
05. Bombs Away
06. Scapegoat Warrior
07. Spin Doctor
08. The Seventh Day
09. Photonic