A Document of Dysphoria
Dark Blasphemies Records

TL;DR: Old-school death metal demo compilation for true collectors only.

Review: Obfuscation is one of the early birds in Finnish death metal and grind scene. Even though their career was cut short in early 1990’s, the band’s name was carved in stone as one of the pioneers. Now Obfuscation has gotten their own legacy release which contains songs from 1992 to 1995, 22 tracks in total. That and 24-page booklet are more than enough to tell the story of this band, for a new listener anyway.

The band’s early stuff is more or less straight-forward death metal with hints of grind. Later on the band started to go more technical and progressive style, even if they are nothing but baby steps to a new direction. As one can imagine, four years of existence doesn’t mean much of a style change all in all.

Even though the band is historically relevant, for Finnish death metal oldies anyway, A Document of Dysphoria isn’t exactly something spectacular or remarkable. It’s good to remember that these songs are mere demo or rehearsal tracks and considering the early 90’s, it’s no surprise that the production is not too shabby. One could say the sound is quity mushy and dusty, even if clear enough to make a point. At best, the production is very mediocre.

As a release, A Document of Dysphoria is mostly an interesting glimpse to the past and to the youngsters behind the moniker. Thus said this is a for fans only release and not much else. A compilation to fill your death metal collection with yet another cd you won’t listen to.

Track list:
1. Enjoy
2. Swansong
3. Dreamtime Over
4. Values
5. Obfuscation
6. Manifest
7. Deborn
8. Dreamtime Over
9. The Curse
10. Sanity Prison
11. Disorder
12. Childhood’s End
13. Blissful
14. In Democracy (Of Ignorance)
15. Sanctus
16. An Imaginary Conversation
17. Greed
18. Obfuscation
19. Enjoy
20. Values
21. Swansong
22. Stalemate (Napalm Death cover)