TL;DR: The 2 mins song is pretty generic death metal / grind, but in a good way. Worth your time.

What the PR says:
“It is with a degree of trepidation that we announce the arrival of Basement Torture Killings to the Imperative family. We have agreed to help them spread the sickness of their savage new album, There’s Something About Beryl. Luckily the album is an incredibly intense onslaught of stunning, extreme death metal, because these really aren’t the sort of people you want to say ‘no’ to. What these deeply disturbed individuals have created is an electrifying album of fearsome death and grind, fuelled by an uncontrollable obsession with torment, torture and death. In the dark world of ultra-extremity BTK stand out like a mountainous bonfire of the burning dead.

Each self-professed killer is as masterful with their instruments of sonic destruction as they are with their tools of dismemberment. Tarquin, a man known for his love of unfashionable knitwear and ladies tights, tears wickedly exhilirating leads from the neck of his guitar as savagely as he tears the throats from his victims. Bassist and disgraced surgeon Dr. Krauss, along with enigmatic fiend and drummer extraordinaire Faceless Killer combine to form a rhythm section of frenzied bludgeoning and beating. And then there’s Beryl…as the album title notes, there is definitely something about Beryl. Something very wrong and downright frightening.

As this album plays you’ll be caught up in its whirlwind intensity, consumed by its breathtaking brutality, but when the music stops and everything goes quiet you’ll be checking under the bed for monsters. Some monsters are very, very real…and they’re coming for you.”