TL;DR: Crust, punk and bro metal with not too much ideas on their own.

Review: Crust, punk, metal and whatnot combined with dudeish growling, not your typical death metal vocals. Necroslurg’s DIY tape is more or less a cassette ep with 10 songs and 23 mins of total time. Occasionally the band manages to sound even somewhat blackmetalish, but this is rather a hint of flavor than anything else. But much like other Finnish “dude/bro metal bands”, this is one has Finnish lyrics and that more than underlines sort of attitude behind it all.

Songwise the whole shit is pretty consistent. You don’t get huge ups or downs, but stuff that keeps rolling til the very end without tracks to skip or cheer to. And since the songs average 2 mins each, one doesn’t get bored to the simple riffs that easy. This is a key factor, in fact, since this kind of simple stuff could easily make the listener very numb with too much repetition.

Songs are also quite aggressive and energic. Somewhat demo-like “crusty” sounds are quite alright with this sort of material, but not the reference type for your highly technical death metal performance. Even though Haudantaka doesn’t give me headache, it neither makes me wanna throw this name around to my friends. For all it is, it’s just too mediocre tape that names no bigger impact.

Track list:
1. Läpi infernon
2. Ryhmysauva
3. Necroslurg
4. Haureuden Ylistys
5. Siipien surinan maa
6. Päästäkää paskamaha pahasta
7. Kallomaa
8. Kyykytys
9. Vuohien kuningas
10. Haudantaka