NT-FNapalm Ted
Apetit Rec

TL;DR: Yet another deathgrind release that has yet to reveal its potential.

Review: Two-year old trio Napalm Ted hails from Finland. So far this bunch has created four EPs including this one and previous split release with Mustasuo, another Finnish name. Since their first steps and mishmash, Napalm Ted has evolved towards more focused grind & death metal hybrid.

Eleven minutes and six songs are rather unsurrising stuff both in good and bad. The listener gets beaten with fast tempo and tense growling, almost akin to black metal shrieks. Names like Napalm Death and Carcass are looming above Napalm Ted and of course I’m clearly pointing towards these pioneers’ early stuff rather than new one. However, Napalm Ted is not there yet. Fleshbox is, after all, just another deathgrind release.

Soundwise Fleshbox is of cadavers and bile, but without being mushy or weak. This fits the music easily as you can imagine. Even though Fleshbox is pretty easy to listen to, the songs would need a bit more (meat)hooks to take the listener to a journey into a world of flesh and frozen corpses.