cw-uaCemetery Winds
Unholy Ascension
Temple of Darkness Records

TLDR: Old-school death metal with lots of melodies and some synth-parts.

Cemetery Winds comes from Finland and as such it has pretty strong Nordic vibe in it’s melodic death metal. Not just plain death metal, this one also has some synths here and there and some shades of melodic black metal, too. As a debut album of the band, Unholy Ascension is pretty strong evidence of this solo project, even if not yet fully functional battle station.

Mostly Unholy Ascension reminds me of 90’s era Swedish death metal such as Dismmber and other of that sort. Cemetery Winds probably has more melodic parts than most of those bands, but other than that, it’s just of same genre. Even though Cemeter Winds have been “advertised” as death/black metal band, I think this is just bullshit. If you exclude some melodies here and there, there’s nothing blackmetalish here whatsoever. Vocals and guitar sounds are just death metal as they should be and this just underlines my point.

Songs are pretty solid stuff, yet unsurprising in the genre. And even though there are no weak links in the music, CW isn’t exacly reinventing anything. There’s nothing phenomenal here. This makes me think the true potential of the band is yet untapped. Vocals being dark growling are more or less okay, but sounds are somewhat weak. The could clearly benefit from more powerful production. Despite these minor flaws, I think this is a fine debut that stands on its own. At least one can only hope this band keeps evolving in the years to come.