dl-thDoctor Livingstone
Triumphus Haeretici
Osmose Productions

TLDR: A bizarre hybrid of black metal, post-black, hardcore and ambient. If it doesn’t make sense, skip it.

Doctor Livingstone isn’t a typical metal band nor is Triumphus Haeretici a typical metal album. Started as a hardcore punk band, this French posse changed their style somewhere along the way and now they are something that could be described as black metal which has some hardccore and death metal influences. At least this is something one can expect from their fourth album which is being reviewed here.

To underline their atypical way, the album starts with a 16-min long amient track which is like an outro at the wrong end. Despite its length, this album has plenty to offer as it has over 71 mins of music in all its glory. And after this very peculiar start, there won’t be any of this ambient sort.

As it turns out, this album has some fast-paced action, yet also some slower parts to balance things out. Occasionally the album gets its twists and turns from hardcoreish ideas and some more instrumental type of feats outside the metal genre. Despite these off-road parts, the main focus is on black metal, or should we say “post-black”, which just likes to kick the barricading fences just for pure fun.

All this is one of the fortes of the album since all this makes Doctor Livingstone a truly unique case. But to assume this kind of originality falls where it should, from the listening point of view, this surely requires some dosage of acquired taste from the listener. To put it this way: Triumphus Haeretici isn’t exactly the type of an album you’d get into with your first go. It probably makes you think what the fuck is going on before it sinks in. Or then not. Either way, the album is so splintered that it takes its time. If one doesn’t have it, too bad.

But having over 70 mins of music on an album, it’s just more than likely that there are some more boring parts on it. And this is true for this one, too. Triumphus Haeretici feels bloated and there are stuff that should have been cut out before priting it on the silver disc. This is not something that goes away just because the production is relatively good or because the vocals are good and aggressive. Be it as it may, this one ain’t gonna be a classic, even with all the good stuff in it.

Track list:
1. Triumphus Haeretici
2. Lux Delenda Est
3. Dancing with Horses
4. Give them Tragedies
5. Opus Magnum
7. The Muck of the Land
8. Fuck You, with a View
9. Peisithanatos
10. The Grand Finale (Fin de l’ordre)
11. I’ll Have Some More Apple Pie Please
12. Messiahs and Pariahs
13. A Little Something for You
14. Egregore