Back to Haunt
Pure Steel Records

TLDR: Melodic and melodic thrash metal that has not much value among the better ones in the genre.

Review: Swiss-band Poltergeist is old-school. They started their career in early 80’s, even if under different moniker. They were active from 1985 for about ten years, before tossing the towel, but now they are back and the name sais it all: Back to Haunt.

Poltergeist plays melodic thrash in not too straight-forward way. This makes them related to Anthrax and other such “lighter” thrash names. Even though Back to Haunt is not about goofying around, it still has more a good vibe than a dark one. Songs are energic and slightly up-tempo. Playing is sharp and potentially inspiring.

Despite all this, every song is filled with flaws. As much as there is die-hard attitude in attempt to make the songs play out well, the attempt is futile. Back to Haunt is a mediocre album.

Vocals are not very fitting, even if the the sound is great and there is a lot of skill in it. This just feels way too powermetalish rather than thrash.

I can’t say that Poltergeist’s comeback is a bad thing, but Back to Haunt is not one of those albums I am going back to in the years to come. Like said, mediocre.

Track list:
1. Back to Haunt
2. Gone and Forgotten
3. Patterns in the Sky
4. And So It Has Begun
5. When the Ships Arrive
6. The Pillars of Creation
7. Faith Is Gone
8. Flee from Today
9. Shell Beach
10. Beyond the Realms of Time
11. A Distant Knowledge