TLDR: Yet another melodic black metal album without great melodies.

Review: This band is quite new and thus yet unheard of. But truth to be told, there’s not much to tell. Orm plays melodic black metal in atmospheric way. Album consists of five long songs, averaging eight minutes or so.

The whole story is in the guitar melodies and those atmospheric songs, not to mention repetition. And there’s pretty much there is to it. There are no unforttable emotions to be felt nor songs that are so catchy you forget to breathe. Rather it’s very mediocre stuff in the genre. Fortunately the production is pretty good, whereas the vocal work is just something you don’t pay attention to.

Orm could’ve used some variation, since now this is an album you just listen through and that’s it. No great riffs, not to mention full songs. Even though the length is what it is, it doesn’t matter. There are now “wow!” moments.

It’s hard to recommend Orm to anybody, being honest anyway. Even though it’s not bad, it’s just way too common to make an impact.

Track list:
1. Blood of your Blood
2. Ancient Echoes
3. Temple of the Deaf
4. Apotheosis
5. A Tree Ablaze / Yggdrasil Brænder