Crunch Industry

TLDR: Melodic and groovy metal with hints of death metal & grind.

Review: Goresoerd used to be known for their death metal and grind stuff, accomppanied with humorous elements later on. This Estonian entity has, however, almost constantly evolved to new dimensions and nowadays these elements can hardly be heard. Antikeha is their fourth album and maybe farther away from their roots than anything else before this.

It’s not all gone, though, for there are still some riffs and vocal works that remind of their grindtastic past. Even if growling parts are scarce, they are to say hello from the past. For the rest of the album, it’s just more modern melodic metal with groovy parts. Easy to listen to, hard to hear anything memorable.

Whilst there are some grinding ideas still left in the business, the other half of the album is almost more rock than metal. It’s not that bad, really, but then again, it’s not actually good either. The production then again is good and solid work. Vocals are okay, yet nothing original or great.

Antikeha is on the verge of forgottable mediocrity with very little to offer for the more demanding audience. Unless melodic grooviness is something you’re actually looking for, it’s just better to skip this album.

Track list:
1. Põhjast
2. Neetud
3. Antikeha
4. Raamat
5. Värd
6. 66
7. Lõikus
8. Valudes
9. Elajas