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TLDR: Female-fronted heavy metal that tries to be a bit of Pantera.

Review: Bagira aka Багира comes from Kazan, Russia. Active since 2011, this five-person band has put out three albums and three smaller releases, including their latest album. Shramy aka Шрамы offers melodic heavy metal combined with elements from bands like Pantera and other such bands with power and attitude. So if that is your call, this might be your cup of tea.

First thing that strikes are the sounds. Production is quite powerful kick to the nuts and makes sure this one doesn’t go unnoticed because of weak guitars and whatnot. On the contrary, the songs are quite mediocre stuff. It sure has its ups and downs, but even those don’t make huge difference. It’s all just a bit over mediocre all in all when it comes to riffs or even full songs.

This being said, it just makes me wonder what has been Bagira’s goal in the end. To create sort of Pantera meets heavy metal or what? To what kind of audience is this intended in the first place? Not saying it’s wrong, it’s just a bit odd. And off.

Vocalis Alla makes sure she’s on the top of her game. Sounding both powerful and beautiful, she knows what she’s doing. There are no problems playing the songs, either, but that doesn’t save the band from the song-writing which isn’t exactly mindboggling. If nothing else, at least this one is more or less unique with its Russian singing among the great mass of Western-style of heavy metal.

Track list:
1. Волна
2. Шёпот
3. Залечь на дно
4. Шрамы
5. Бритва рассвета
6. Ловец снов
7. Гнев
8. Девятый круг
9. Момент
10. Запах войны