Satan ov Suns
Immortal Frost Productions

TLDR: When forces of Tsjuder, Horna and Svartelder gather, the outcome is great piece of black metal.

Review: Take members from Tsjuder, Horna, Sargeist and Svartelder, and you have what’s known as Doedsvangr. This three-man black metal band consists of members from Finland and Norway, and offers best of both worlds.

The very first thought about the band could be as “just another side project”. But when the riffs playing this satanic music fill the air and let the sinister atmosphere take over, it’s clear that this is not yet another hobby project. One can clearly hear some hints to Tsjuder, but it’s not a copycat of that either. There are some great parts of both countries’ bm scenes and the outcome is just fantastic.

Even though Satan ov Suns is far from original, that is not the issue. Like said the dark and sinister atmosphere is the key element here and the rest is just to fill the gaps. Even though the riffs themselves aren’t that memorable, the overall is so good it doesn’t even matter. Compositions, drum fills and vocals are just top notch in the genre. Even the vocals’ dry sound hit the nail perfectly.

Even though there are next to no complaints about the album whatsoever, it’s hard to describe this one as instant classic. Whatever the minor flaws there may be, they don’t matter much. Satan ov Suns is one of the best albums of this year thus far.

Track list:
1. Our Lord Cometh
2. Rituals
3. Doedsvangr
4. Black Dawn
5. Northern Watchtowers
6. Diaboli
7. Gnashing of Teeth
8. Breath of Lucifer
9. Throne of Black Illumination
10. Blood Whores
11. Black Sun Nimbus