Cut Up - WTWRCut Up
Wherever They May Rot
Metal Blade

TLDR: Fast and intense Swedish death metal by any standards. Must-have for genre fans.

Review: Vomitory from Sweden made their way through death metal for nearly 25 years. It was 2013 when they finally packed up their shit and that was it.

Or would’ve been if Cut Up hadn’t been founded the following year. After all, this one is a successor to Vomitory, consisting there former Vomitorians playing fast-tempo death metal in an old-school way.

Wherever They May Rot is the 2nd album in two years and it seems all the elements just fit together like magic. The album offers almost 40 minutes of strong death metal, tough-ass pounding and merciless growling without any off-road moments. So, yes, this is pure death metal and nothing else. Just like it was meant to be.

Growling is top-notch. It’s low, feral and very good all in all. And the same quality can be heard with the drums and guitars, too. It’s just brutal and unforgiving in all its glory. No sterile bullshit nor pathetic sorry-ass weakling sounds here.

There are hardly any weak links in this album. Sure, the songs could have more hooks and there could be more straight to the point hits, but I dunno whether or not those would actually fit the style Cut Up is playing.

For what it’s worth, Wherever They May Rot is pure death metal done old-school but with sounds that can be compared to any modern album. Even though there are always more brutal, more technical and more extreme death metal bands on this planet, Cut Up shows how real death metal is done in 2017. One of the best albums this year, no doubt.

Track list:
1. From Ear to Ear
2. Necrophagic Madness
3. Behead the Dead
4. Wherever They May Rot
5. Vermin Funeral
6. By Hatred Bound
7. Psychosurgery
8. In the Aftermath
9. Master Dissector
10. Cranium Crusher
11. Raped by the Blade