Press release:
This was a long time in the making and I almost ended up releasing it on my Asian sub-label but with ever-changing scenarios and circumstances, the band had to put it out on their own. It’s DEFINITELY not the kind of music you’d expect to hear from a band from the United Arab Emirates. Please check it out. ROLLING STONE (India) is streaming the album in full over HERE.

KAIHON (Dubai, UAE) – ‘Terraform’ (March 14th, 2017)

Genre – Progressive Metal
Release Date – March 13th, 2017
Label – Self-Released

Progressive metal band from Dubai are going to blow people’s minds with their contemporary and energetic music. ‘Terraform’ is Kaihon’s debut release and it’s a multi-layered yet catchy affair spanning four songs. It’s impressive to see a Dubai-based band collaborating with musicians from India – the album has guest appearances from SKYHARBOR’s Keshav Dhar, who has also produced the album, and even Shashank Bhatnagar of UNDYING INC. It’s as good as it gets, topped off with amazing artwork from Visual Amnesia (DEMONIC RESURRECTION, CHAOS). Meticulously concocted and executed, this is a contemporary gem in the style, and taking into account that such music is being crafted from this part of the world, it’s no mean feat. Fans of forward-thinking, progressive, even atmospheric metal must check this out.”

Track list:
1. Chrysalis (feat. Keshav Dhar of SKYHARBOR)
2. Awaken
3. Pathological
4. D.T.A. (feat. Shashank Bhatnagar of UNDYING INC.)

Line up:

Lalit Mehta – Vocals
Jude Mascarenhas – Guitar
Shantanu Chakravorty – Guitar
Adithyashankar Ajith – Bass
Aranayak Das – Drums

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