Ebne Graun
I Voidhanger Records

TLDR: Experimental black metal gone badly wrong. There are no good moments here.

Review: Todesstoss from Germany is a weird band. Since it was founded in 2000, the band has put out eight full-length albums and almost 30 releases in total. It’s a rare breed in music when quantity beats quality and this one is definitely not one of them.

My previous encounters with Todesstoss are scarce, but what I can recall this band used to be experimental black metal in a rather mediocre way. Well, experimental is what this is, but this time in a crappy way.

Ebne Graun is just one song, timing around 46 minutes. It features wailing guitar melodies that are actually so bad it’s hard to hear this shitty stuff these days even when searching for such. Also the moaning vocals are quite bad. It’s hard to understand why anybody would want to put out vox such as these.

The music is somewhat experimental, but that is just another way to say it’s full of crap. The album is mostly just annoying music to listen to.

Sounds are bleak or bad, actually. Guitars sound so weak that they remind me of flaccid penises banging on strings. Rest assured, the rest of the production ain’t shabby either.

Ebne Graun is an album that should’ve not gone out. Even if it is not the worst kind of black metal you’ll ever hear, there are no good reasons why anyone should listen to this. Ever.

Track list:
1. Ebne Graun