Storming the Gallows
I Hate Records

TLDR: Mediocre old-school thrash metal mixed with some death metal and black metal elements.

Review: Deathstorm’s debut As Death Awakes (2013) was a pretty decent old-school thrash with some flavor from death metal and black metal. Storming the Gallows, then again, is a compilation of the band’s debut EP Storming with Menace (2011) and The Gallows EP from 2015. According to the release info, this is the first time these EPs are printed on CD format.

Not sure if it was worth the trouble, since Storming the Gallows manages to sound like leftovers. Even though the songs are kinda intense old-school beating, there’s nothing really good in them. Only a handful of those riffs are actually sort of good while the rest of the stuff is just mediocre.

Tempo is fast most of the time. It seems the band has attempted to include some hooks here and there, but frankly speaking, they have failed. Angry and harsh grating vocals do their job, but hardly worth any complaints. Soundwise the album sounds much like a live-recording of a demo in a rehearsal place. Guitars are way too weak and show kinda dickless performance.

This compilation clearly shows that Deathstorm is one of those bands which have potential to become something good, but which also fail when just being a cheapass copycat in a deadend. Despite a few better ideas here and there, this compilation is hard to get enthusiastic about.

Track list:
1. Tales of the Undead
2. Demonic Possession
3. Selfworth Extinction
4. Prepare for the Slaughter
5. Consummate Horror
6. From Oblivion
7. Burial Ritual
8. Massgrave