TheLoomOfTime-NRThe Loom of Time
Aeternitas Tenebrarum Musicae Fundamentum

TLDR: Melodic avantgarde thrash metal meets death metal meets black metal. A weird hybrid.

Review: Autralian newcomer The Loom of Time is a weird case. The debut album NihilReich is a combination of melodic (death) metal, modern thrash metal and, to some extent, black metal. But unlike Destöyer 666. In addition, NihilReich features some progressive elements, too. Sort of experimental mix of many kinds of extreme metal but without sounding extreme, eh…

Nevertheless, NihilReich does a lot of things right. It sounds skillful and in some ways captivating. Yet all these ideas from different sub-genres makes it all a bit bizzarre. If there were any points for originality, this one for sure would get some of those. But in the end it comes to a question: does it fly or not? Well, let me put it this way: NihilReich is sort of a chicken. So, nope, but it surely jumps a lot!

Vocals are a mix of blackmetalish hissing and shrieking, or whatever you want to call that, and then some clean parts, too. Songs are more or less laid down and atmospheric than straight-forward and agressive. I guess it could be said that the melodic parts are the common nominator here. The path to which other links are tied to.

A good thing is that this album sounds way more powerful than what it actually is. Soundwise this one is pretty good. But despite all the random good ideas here and there, NihilReich is only a party successful. There are no proper hooks or riffs to let it go with. Even with its faults, this one is above pure mediocrity.

Track list:
1. The Ashes of Your Fall
2. The Pinnacle of Hypocrisy
3. The Cries of the Weak
4. The Greed of Lesser Men
5. The Peons of the Cosmos
6. The Fight for the Subhuman