Black Plague Records

TLDR: Typical death metal / black metal hybrid without any really good songs.

Review: Pimeydentuoja comes from Finland and their name translates to “Bringer of Darkness”. Thus it comes as no surprise that these guys perform black metal / death metal hybrid.

Their debut album The Devil’s Epoch was decent release in the genre even if it offered very little anything new or original. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about this second album. Hellcrowned just ain’t as good as it could be.

The album is very conventional with all its elements. The music is dark and sinister, mostly fast-tempo, too. There is no mistake about what genre this, so if you have ever heard any black/death metal, you know the drill here, too. Riffs are mostly of 90’s death metal with some growling vocals combined with more shriek-like black metal singing. Both styles do their job just okay, but there’s nothing fancy in either of them.

Riff-wise the whole album is pretty much repetition. Once you’ve heard one song, you know the rest as well. Sometimes things slow down for a bit, but just so that it’s time to speed up again. Too bad the production doesn’t really back up the idea. Guitars are low-tuned, it seems, and the outcome is a bit mushy and fuzzy.

Hellcrowned is a piece of extreme metal you’ve probably heard a thousand times before. Even if the songs are alright in the terms of the given genre, there’s nothing that really makes you go “wow!” about this one.

Track list:
1. To Death…
2. Hellcrowned
3. Deiphagous Death Torment
4. Sadist Ritual
5. The Malignant Heretic Prophecy
6. Invocations of Wrath and Fire
7. Black Dawn Revelations
8. Into the Catacombs of Misery
9. Altar of the Vile God
10. …And Oblivion