Lunar Shadow - FFLLunar Shadow
Far from Light
Cruz Del Sur Music

TLDR: Melodic heavy metal in old-school. Mediocre.

Review: Founded in 2014, Lunar Shaodw plays very traditional melodic heavy metal. Can’t really blame this five-man German band for their effort, since 60 minutes of old-school heavy is more than most can handle. In this case anyway.

For a heavy metal album this debut is actually pretty light and tame stuff. Tempo is more slow pace than fast and the clean vocals are rather calm. They don’t go high or sceaming. Or do anything particularly well.

Guitar melodies remind me more of 70’s or 80’s than modern style. But even so, this ain’t exactly anything like Iron Maiden or typical power metal, even if there are some similarities in the style. And even if the promotional letter mentions Manowar there, I wouldn’t recommend this to any Manowarrior. Lunar Shadow is actually more related to hard rock than pure badass heavy metal.

Even though these Germans know what they are doing with their meldies, this band lacks in skill when it comes to stick in them hooks. What the songs would actually need are sort of spot-on riffs and chorus parts. Also, Lunar Shadow is not one of those bands which have a vocalist like in Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, and that is a bit of a problem here. The songs themselves are not that catchy in any level. In addition, the vocalist is actually one of the weak links here as there’s very little charisma in his style.

The other weak link is the songs themselves and their lenght in general. If bands such as Iron Maiden have problems making an eight minute song to be good, what chance would this kind of have? Nada. If you think Metallica has problems with their songs being too long with not enough good content in their songs, try this one. Or actually, don’t.

Despite all the problems here and there, Far from Light ain’t a bad album. It’s just way too mediocre in the genre.

Track list:
1. Hadrian Carrying Stones
2. They That Walk the Night
3. Frozen Goddess
4. Gone Astray
5. The Hour of Dying
6. The Kraken
7. Cimmeria
8. Earendil