Locust Leaves - ABKOLLocust Leaves
A Subtler Kind of Light
I, Voidhanger Records

TLDR: Obnoxiuos case of experimental progressive metal.

Review: Locust Leaves from Greece hasn’t been too busy. Started in 2002 or so, this album is the debut one. I can’t really say the years passed between this one and the start have been very good ones. If you’ll keep reading, you’ll understand why.

A Subtler Kind of Light offers four songs of experimental and progressive metal. Riffs are die-hard progressive aiming to be bounced to unexpected directions. Occassionally one might hear some unconventional shredding or atypical picking, and that’s pretty much there is to it. You might want to call this instrumental porn, but only if you’re a sort of fetish type. Despite all the skill in the band, the songs are actually quite bad.

And of course it’s not only the guitars that are experimenting with playing. Drums naturally follow the same pattern and ideas. Too bad they are not good ideas. It’s not like this one is the next Dream Theater or anything like that.

But the worst of all is the vocalist Nick K. His voice is mostly untolerable and even if he has some skills, he is clearly in the wrong band. Maybe some doom stuff would fit his style of singing, but this one, no way. And the semi-growling or whispering parts going “artistic” don’t exactly anything good in the mix.

The irony is that the last song is instrumental and rather ambient-like. There are no obnoxious vocal parts or half-assed progressive riffs with very little good in them. Maybe that’s what this band should stick to.

Track list:
1. Light (Fos)
2. Pillar (Vraxos)
3. Fall (Ptosi)
4. Flight (Ptisi)