Arduini-Balch-DOA.jpgArduini / Balich
Dawn of Ages
Cruz Del Sur Music

TLDR: Epic doom with two veterans doing their job mostly well.

Review: Even though name like Arduini / Balich sounds like a law office name, this one is, can you guess, epic doom! Take Victor Arduini from Fates Warning and Brian “Butch” Balich from Argus and that’s what you have. Oh and let’s not forget the drummer, Chris Judge.

The band got its start in late 2013 and now it has finally evolved into making a debut album. And it’s pretty good considering it has only six songs, but still hitting the clock with more than 60 minutes of music. And that’s only the CD version. LP has three more songs – covers, though – adding another 16 minutes or so to the massive package.

But when genre veterans like these make music, it’s amazing how the song-writing actually works without getting boring. After all, the average song is 10 minutes long. Being doom songs, these songs are somewhat up-tempo and they manage to sound quite groovy, too. There are some good melodies which are quite essential in the songs, given their length. Also, Balich’s voice is pretty good and pleasant to listen to.

But I’d be lying if I was to claim that there are no problems here. Since the songs are what they are, it’s clear that sometimes there could have been some editing. That said, I can hardly recommend this album to anyone but a doom freak. For those of faster tempo or tighter compositions, forget about this. Really.

Soundwise all is good. It manages to sound somewhat organic and old-school. That is, not sterile or anything that sort.

Despite the flaws this is a pretty solid doom album. This is probably not the genre milestone you’d expect, but nevertheless it clearly shows what these guys are doing.

Track list:
1. The Fallen
2. Forever Fade
3. Into Exile
4. The Wraith
5. Beyond the Barricade
6. The Gates of Acheron