Magna Adversia
Soulseller Records

TLDR: Melodic black metal that works on so many level so well.

Review: I must admit that it comes by surprise that Patria has been a very active band. Founded in 2008, this band has released half a dozen albums and at least ten other releases during the last decade. But what strikes me even more than that is how well-balanced yet versatile album Magna Adversia is. One of the best black metal releases this year so far.

Fifty minutes and ten songs. That’s what this beauty has to offer. The stuff is mostly melodic and rather mainstream approach in the genre, but nevertheless, all is good with no exceptions. And it’s not like every song is carved out of the same piece of wood, there is actually quite a bit of variation on the album. For example, the title track is of beautiful atmosphere while the track Arsonist is more like aggressive black/thrash hybrid with a hint of older Dödheimsgard.

All in all this 50 minutes or so is well spent without no boing parts or stuff you want to skip. The production is strong, clear and distinctive, but without being too sterile. Maybe this ain’t the album for those who are into raw black metal, but for most of us in the genre, this should fit us just fine. The vocals, then again, are nothing special in the genre. Just the average stuff you’re all used to.

I’m not saying this is one of the best albums this year has to offer, but most definitely one of the best albums during the first quarter of the year. Well worth listening to.

Track list:
1. Infidels
2. Axis
3. Heartless
4. A Two Way Path
5. Communion
6. Now I Bleed
7. Arsonist
8. The Oath
9. Porcelain Idols
10. Magna Adversia