Press release:
“This is for the fans of PORTAL, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, BLUT AUS NORD, CHAOS ECHOES, GORGUTS, etc. It takes elements of all of those and mangles them out of proportion. The result is something ugly but extraordinary. It’s not easy to digest this but if you want something unconventional that’s challenging at the same time, this is for you, a real gem. Stream the album in full HERE.

PLASMODIUM (Australia) – ‘Entheognosis’

Genre – Abstract Black/Death Metal
Release Date – December 29th, 2016
Record Label – Cimmerian Shade Recordings (US)

This is something that will change your notions about the black/death metal spectrum. PLASMODIUM from Australia have found a special space within the ostensible template of black/death metal that has hitherto been unfathomed. Following in the footsteps of their countrymates in PORTAL, PLASMODIUM are changing the way we look at the extreme metal style. Virtually peerless, they are creating an eerie, dissonant expression that’s more about the experience than mere catchy riffing and its superficial enjoyment. This is hard to put in words because everything here is out of the ordinary and is as mind-bending as you would allow it to be. This is a unique, individualistic and bold expression and it requires an open mind to be absorbed. ‘Entheognosis’ is for those who dare and wish to see unpredictable innovation in a genre that’s only moving forward.”

Line up:
Fuath – incantations
Demoninacht – limbic chaos
Nocentor – reverberactions
Aretstikapha – conjurations
Yen Pox – warp siphonls

Track list:
1. Limbic Disassociation
2. Reformoculus
3. Hermaphrodisiac
4. Deuteromitosis