TLDR: A weird hybrid metal relese that combines industrial elements to metalcore and melodic metal.

Review: Skizma comes from Finland and their style is rather unique. It’s a sort of hybrid metal that combines ideas from various sources togethere. These include, but are not limited to industrial metal, clean vocals, heavy riffing, metalcore, light melodic metal and so on. Modern metal, that is.

Considering how hard it is to put all these ideas together and hope it works, it’s no surprise that this one is a self-financed cdr release. This isn’t, after all, the type of music that is easy to sell – both literally and figuratively speaking – to a bigger audience. And like icing on the cake, the clean vocals on this album are actually quite bad.

What we have here is a fight between being original and unique and being good and catchy. Skizma has taken the path mentioned first and thus it stumbles on compositions, evensingle riffs and weird riff ideas. I wish it was good, but it’s not. There are some better ideas here and there, but they are way too scarce to make a difference. While the growling vocals are pretty decent, the clean parts are more of a horror than enjoyment. It’s clear that this vocalist needs practice – a lot.

360RB isn’t a good album, and it probably should’ve been put out as a demo. Even if the sounds are pretty okay and fit the genre well, the album itself isn’t saved by this. It’s really hard to think of anyone I’d recommend this. If you’re aiming for something atypical and original shit, maybe then this is your cup of tea.

Track list:
1. 360RB
2. Skin Deep
3. Electron Generated Observer
4. +E
5. Levity
6. Visual Angle
6. Orbitears
7. Blank
8. Synoptics