The Arcane Abyss
Pulverised Records

TLDR: Pretty solid attempt at norsecore. Nothing special, though.

Review: The debut album Erotik Nekrosis by Norwegian Endezzma from 2012 was quite good if nothing special. It offered a fine specimen of norsecore black metal with no gimmicks or bullshit, though it didn’t stand out from the crowd either. For good or worse, the same can be said about The Arcane Abyss, the sophomore album of the band.

All the basics of the genre are there. The riffs, the vocals, the sounds and so forth. While the songs are mostly somewhat aggressive and fast tempo, the band also knows when to slow down and do it properly. The atmosphere is grim if not something uber-dark. There are no clear flaws, but then again, nothing special either. Solid stuff, though, but not like Endezzma is going to make a huge impact on the genre.

Based on these two albums it feels like Endezzma’s problem is that they are very generic stuff in genre, even if well done. With so many bands on the same level in the genre the question is who cares about albums like this? I don’t know but maybe one should give this one a chance. It’s more good than bad anyway.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Malferno
3. The Arcane Abyss
4. Gates of Mephisto
5. Morbus Divina
6. Sick Kulta Lucifer
7. Serpent Earth
8. Esoterisk Mystagon
9. A Grave So Deep