Nocturno Inferno
Satanic Art Media

TLDR: Mediocre Norwegian black metal from the 90’s.

Review: The story of this album ain’t quite the usual one and thus its deserves to be told. Örth started 1992 in Bergen, Norway, as a one-man project among the many others in this second wave of black metal. From this it got to a real band with three members: V-Rex, Ares and Grim. And this was the line-up which got Nocturno Inferno done around 1995-1996 at the famous Grieghallen studio.

But the album never got released, for some reasons buried in time and dust (pun inteded), and then in 1999 Grim commited suicide. The band split up. Later on V-Rex re-started the band, yet this time with name Arvas. Now, more than 20 years later, this cult release finally got to see some daylight. Was it worth the wait? No, not really.

Nocturno Inferno is, like many others, the debut album that has some nice ideas, but is actually, more than anything else, a full-length demo. The atmosphere is somewhat melancholic and the whole album really smells and feels like 1990’s. For the record, before I even bothered to read the promo letter, I thought to myself that this one really sounds like 90’s from the songs to the sounds. And that’s exactly what this is. A genuine piece of the past.

But the fact is that the sounds are somewhat weak and songs are way too mediocre to make an impact. Vocals are high-pitched shrieking and as such pretty okay. Since there isn’t any nostalgia bonus to this, the grim fact is that this album doesn’t have much to offer these days. Just another “cult release” for those into 2nd wave of Norwegian black metal, no matter how good or bad the actual recording is.

Track list:
1. Hymn Des Mortes Pt. 1
2. The Silence of the Guide
3. A Sign in Time
4. Bonded
5. The Worshipper
6. MoonStorm
7. Hymn Des Mortes Pt. 2
8. Path of Sorrow
9. Hymn Des Mortes Pt. 3
10. Den Gamle Manns Profetier