Press release:
“This Friday, April 7th, the murderous Basement Torture Killings will unleash their savage new album, There’s Something About Beryl, through Grindscene Records. However, in an attempt to warn people of the carnage to come, Zero Tolerance Magazine are exclusively streaming the album in its entirety at their website – right now! We can’t guarantee how long the deranged killers in BTK will allow this to go on, so please share this link as widely as possible, as quickly as possible…

The album is an incredibly intense onslaught of stunning, extreme death metal, fuelled by an uncontrollable obsession with torment, torture and death. In the dark world of ultra-extremity BTK stand out like a mountainous bonfire of the burning dead.

Combining whirlwind intensity, breathtaking brutality, masterful musicianship and cruelly creative song writing, There’s Something About Beryl is a wickedly exhilarating listen. While you’re lost in the blood shower you’ll forget everything but the thrill of the kill…but when the music stops and everything goes quiet, you’ll be checking under the bed for monsters; because some monsters are very, very real…and they’re coming for you.”