The Sinister Flame

TLDR: Boring second wave melodic black metal.

Review: TyMAH or actually Tuman is a black metal band from Transylvania, Hungary. Their style is typical second wave bm with some synths and lots of melodies. The songs are mostly more or less fast-tempo with somewhat grim atmosphere.

In theory, Zuhanás offers decent stuff in the chosen genre, but unfortunately, that’s not the case here. The melodies are not catchy or good, nor are the songs themselves interesting at all. The whole album is more boring than inspiring which is of course rather disappointing.

But the songwriting isn’t the only problem on the album. As an insult to injury the sounds are weak and lame. Guitar melodies are wailing like on some poor demo tape and the drums are way too weak and quiet. On the contrary, the vocals are on top of everything, which isn’t a good thing in this case. The vocals are something like hissing whispering with some raspiness. Can’t really say I’m too fond of these kinds of snake vocals.

Despite all the bitching, Zuhanás ain’t really a bad album. More than that it’s a mediocre piece of black metal with not very few good ideas in it.

Track list:
1. Prologue
2. Érzéslenyomatok I / Feelingprints I
3. Érzéslenyomatok II / Feelingprints II
4. Zuhanás / Falling
5. A mindenség pulzálása / The Pulsation of Everything
6. Egy állomás a végtelen közepén / A Station in the Middle of Infinity
7. Epilogue