SpellOfTorment-IDSpell of Torment
Infernal Torment

TLDR: Two-song mcd features fast-tempo melodic death/black metal.

Review: Spell of Torment might be only three years old or so, but this Finnish band has clearly understood how to make proper black/death metal songs. Even though the best part of the mcd is right at the beginning showing off Bathory-like epicness, there is no doubt that this one might kick ass with their bm-infused melodeath.

Two four-minute songs have elements from different genres and in such manner that this one is hardly original. That doesn’t matter, thought, since the song-writing is quite good and the compositions are not too lengthy or boring. In fact, despite the lack of originality, these songs work well in the genre that is so trodden by so many bands during the past two decades. I guess it can be said we’re lucky that these guys didn’t include thrash metal elements, too, because then it would have been too much stuff.

Clearly the band is still looking for their own unique style, but it’s no problem. Infernal Torment is a solid listening-experience even if there’s very little new to genre veterans. We’ll see how it goes from here. Meanwhile, check this out.

Track list:
1. Infernal Death
2. Pazuzu