Press release:
“Here’s black/death metal that’s several notches above the ordinary ones. Please check out this great release lest you miss out on something special yet again on Cimmerian Shade Recordings. LEGACY MAGAZINE premiered their official video HERE.

GURTHANG (Poland) – ‘Shattered Echoes’

Genre – Dark Black/Death Metal
Release Date – January 20th, 2017
Record Label – Cimmerian Shade Recordings (US)

GURTHANG from Poland have crafted a stellar album which traverses multiple genres but maintains a sound of their own. Cimmerian Shade Recordings has found yet another brilliant genre-bending band after PLASMODIUM. GURTHANG play what can be called an epic elaboration of the black and death metal styles and exude a melancholic ambience that nods towards the genre of doom. The album is masterfully executed with extra drive especially in the drumming department so that a certain level of intensity and grip is maintained throughout. This ambitious album will go down as one of the finest in the style this year. Don’t miss out.

Line up:
A.Z.V. – throat, whispers, clean & distorted guitars, all music & lyrics
Stormalv – bass guitars
G.H. – ambience & effects
Vojfrost – keys & effects
Turenn – drums & percussion

Track list:
1. Closure 05:01
2. Denial 05:12
3. Advance the Disease 04:01
4. Paragon of Virtue 04:53
5. My Salvation 04:33
6. Departed 06:02
7. Inheritance – The Distress 05:45
8. Rebirth 04:54
9. Ignite 08:11
10. Pylon of Blaze 04:13
11. Inheritance II: Red Mourning 05:51

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