Strunkiin - Slavery ReduxStrunkiin
Slavery Redux

TLDR: Crappy industrial death metal with horrible drum machine.

Review: Strunkiin was formed in 2014 as a two-man band playing sort of extreme metal. This Finnish duo is kind of industrial metal, partly because of their machine samples and partly because of their hideous drum machine, which in fact sounds like shit.

Slavery Redux is only one song, even if ten minutes long. The style is more or less fast-tempo death metal with some melodies and the fore-mentioned industrial vibes. The song ain’t totally bad, but even with some good ideas here and there, it’s mostly rubbish. Growling vocals are mediocre and are far from anything unique or original.

But the main problem is the production. The drum machine is way too lound and the sounds it uses are horrible. Just horrible shit. In addition, the guitars sound very weak and just like they are coming straight from computer, not like some good distortion pedal were used. The result is hideous shit, even on demo standards. Due to some better ideas on the songs, Slavery Redux is not total ultimate crap. For that sake only, two out of five instead of one out of five.

Track list:
1. Slavery Redux