InfernalMajesty-NGInfernäl Mäjesty
No God
High Roller Records

TLDR: Old-school thrash veterans do their job well even if the album is a tad bit too long.

Review: More than 30 years in the business, Infernäl Mäjesty is one of the veterans of thrash metal. However, No God is their first album in 13 years. Does it make a difference? We’ll find out.

Time hasn’t taken its toll too badly, since Infernäl Mäjesty is actually doing just fine. Songs have a lot of energy and they are intense. Despite these fellas being anything but youngsters, the age doesn’t show out. It’s just like these guys were young and eager to play fierce thrash with no compromises. It’s not all balls out, though, since some of the songs are just way too long. And as this results in 61 minutes playing time, it’s just way too long.

The compositions are actually quite solid and there are no clear weak moments. However, it’s not like there are any instant classics either and the length of the songs is one of the reasons, really. The only exception to this is False Flag which is more like an intermezzo.

Soundwise the whole album is good and the vocals are just fine. No God by no means renews the genre, but does just solid work in many aspects. However there are some key elements missing and that’s why I’d rate this album just barely four out of five. Recommended to all into old-school thrash metal.

Track list:
1. Enter the World of the Undead
2. In God You Trust
3. Signs of Evil
4. Another Day in Hell
5. Kingdom of Heaven
6. No God
7. False Flag
8. Nation of Assassins
9. House of War
10. Systematical Extermination
11. Extinction Level Event