Press release:
“NE OBLIVISCARIS guitarist Benjamin Baret has released a new guitar play-through video for the track “Pyrrhic”, which is taken from the Australian dark progressive metal visionaries latest full-length ‘Citadel’. The clip is now exclusively streaming via Prog Magazine (UK) at the link below.

Regarding “Pyrrhic”, Benjamin Baret comments: “The riffs for that song are inspired by the great Göteborg scene of the late 90’s, with a more modern twist to it. The harmonized guitar part relies on a descending chromatic pattern, which gives the main riff its flavor. The break is a classical music inspired moment, the chord positions are very piano-like, which is something that I love to do, because it allows me to approach chord progressions in a fresher way; come with me off the beaten path!”

NE OBLIVISCARIS play-through still

NE OBLIVISCARIS are currently working hard in studio to create a follow-up to their celebrated 2014 album ‘Citadel’, which is still available in various formats through the Season of Mist shop:

‘Citadel’ is also streaming in full at NE OBLIVISCARIS’ official BandCamp site:”