Terra Damnata
Season of Mist

TLDR: Melodic occult black metal with twists and turns.

Review: Since the debut album Death and the Black Work in 2008, Nightbringer has been active with its releases and pushed out stuff in a rather steady pace. Their music has gotten somewhat mixed reviews, which doesn’t strike as a surprise, considering how their versatile and twisting modern black metal isn’t exactly the most straight-forward material there is.

Terra Damnata continues on the same path and, as far as the quality goes, lands somewhere between the top and the bottom of the discography. Foremost the album stands out being a very sinister in atmosphere and yet very melodic in music. But it’s not as catchy as, say, Dissection nor not as easy to digest as Dark Funeral. Nightbringer offers a more complex approach to all this. However, in comparison versus Dissection this US band has a zero chance.

Even if the songs are not very good, the atmosphere compensates a lot. The whole album seems like a tribute or homage to praising the devil and/or darkness, but as tempting as it is, it only gets one’s attention for so long. Musically Terra Damnata could and should be a lot better, but the minor flaws in songwriting just make it somewhat hard. But even so, Terra Damnata is way above mediocrity and thus deserves its stars no doubt.

Since I already started my namedropping earlier in the review, I guess I could add Watain to the list, since it’s probably the name this one resembles the most. If you’re into sinister and melodic black metal in the first place, you should give this one a chance.

Track list:
1. As Wolves Amongst Ruins
2. Misrule
3. Midnight’s Crown
4. Of the Key and Crossed Bones
5. Let Silence Be His Sacred Name
6. Inheritor of a Dying World
7. The Lamp of Inverse Light
8. Serpent Sun