Trance of Death
Sepulchral Voice Records

TLDR: Old-school underground death metal getting married with some progressive elements.

Review: Trance of Death starts with a beautiful cell intro. It sounds more like a soundtrack of some gothic drama tv series than an intro to a death metal album. And that’s exactly what is going on here: rusty, dirty and filthy old-school death metal. That and then some progressive elements.

Venenum started already in 2008, but it took almost a decade before we got to hear the debut album, Trance of Death. This one offers mostly some old-school ugliness with fast-tempo and mid-tempo parts without going too soft or melodic. But there are those elements too, even slow-paced doom vibes and some rather progressive stuff, which isn’t the typical stuff in the genre. The overall atmosphere is pretty dark and almost blackmetalish.

But as versatile Venenum is, it’s not all glorious and over the top. There are clearly some ideas that could have been left out and the result might have been even better. Trance of Death is at its best when it sticks to the old-school death metal.

Track list:
1. Entrance
2. Merging Nebular Drapes
3. The Nature of the Ground
4. Cold Threat
5. Trance of Death Part I – Reflections
6. Trance of Death Part II – Metanola Journey
7. Trance of Death Part III – There Are Other Worlds…