Tome of the Unreplenished - CTTA1Tome of the Unreplenished
Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I
I, Voidhanger Records

TLDR: Black metal band gone ambient & electronics.

Review: Previously known as a black metal band, Tome of the Unreplenished has gone to a new direction with this EP. Even though there are some metal parts and ideas lingering somewhere in the background, this one is mostly something like post-metal gone electro and ambient. Experimental stuff, to say the least.

If there’s something that reminds the listener of the band’s previous encounters, it is the presence of metal instruments like the guitar and the bass. The surreal atmosphere of the album consists mostly of beeps, hissing, electrical sounds and other sounds that one might known from household appliances or horror movies. Here and there bass and guitar do their job like background musicians. There is no such thing as typical singing on the album but more like shrieks, cries and more minimal blurts of human mouth.

Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I isn’t leaning on good songs or strong compositions, but rather on unique atmosphere not found as such in other places. Or most albums anyway. As such this is for acquired tastes only, since this kind of blend of noise, ambient, industrial and other marginal music isn’t too common. I can’t say this is bad as such, but then again I known a lot better music reminding me of such creativity. If and when one gets enthusiastic about this ep and its music, I would recommend to check out a dark ambient band called Inade.

Track list:
1. Exileosis
2. Dead Body of God
3. Sapient
4. Black Hole Resident
5. Hypostasis