Lord Vigo - BSLord Vigo
Blackborne Souls
No Remorse Records

TLDR: Semi-epic doom that doesn’t quite fly yet.

Review: This German trio isn’t exactly a bunch of newcomers even if Lord Vigo is a relatively new band as such. The debut album Blackborne Souls is one of the new challengers among the more atmospheric doom metal. And this one is all about having soft sounds, going atmospheric and nice, pure vocals.

There is no denying that Vinz Clortho handles both the vocals and the drums. He has the ability to go high and mighty and channel despair through his voice. There’s plenty of emotion in his vocal work, I can tell you that. However, having said that, I can also admit I’m not a big fan of this kind of singing. Even if the man has the skill and sound, his style is a bit too apologetic and howling for my tastebuds.

But the real problem on this album is that the songs are nowhere near Clortho’s level of singing. They are easy to listen, but at the same time quite boring, too. The melodic parts are doing just fine, but other than that, there’s not much to go enthusiastic about. There’s not too much catchiness on this album. Even if the band is aiming high and epic, that flight is doomed to hit the ground sooner than expected. This birds truly flies like a chicken.

Maybe it’s just that I am not the type of this genre, who knows. Maybe so-called doom purists will find this one very good and tell me I’m wrong. I can’t deny there’s quite a lot of potential on this one, but at least to me it doesn’t shine like a diamond it should. So, let’s call this one a fans only album.

Track list:
1. Oh Mother Earth
2. When the Bloodlust Draws on Me
3. Great City in the Sky
4. Blackborne Souls
5. Blasphemy
6. Hail Me Fire in the Night (Ishtar II)
7. For Being Unknown
8. Eternal Saviour