Acclaim Records / Symbol of Domination

TLDR: Melodic death metal with lots of minor flaws here and there.

Review: This two-man band is split between Finland and Bulgaria. Georgi Georgievin represents the latter one takes care of all guitars, bass and compositions. Jori Hautala then again is the man behind the vocals and lyrics. This is also the reasons why songs titles are first in Finnish and then in English. Based on what I heard, but can’t say as a fact, are drums which in my opinion sound like a drum-machine. They are okay, but nothing good.

Aeonless is the band’s second album and it contains ten tracks of something that could be described as melodic death metal. The overall feeling is very demo-like as the whole album sounds kinda DIY stuff. There are some better riffs here and there, but most of the ideas seem to be some sort of recycle material. Even though the guitars and bass guitars have been recorded in a proper studio, the result sounds somewhat raw and unfinished. Like it wasn’t mixed properly.

GG has clearly some sense for melodies, but to be brutally honest, the should have been some criticism, too, when it was decided which riff or song to use and what not. It’s a lion’s share of songs which is just medicore at best or even crappier than that. Finnish vocals then again sound a bit odd to my ear, but I guess that’s just a matter of taste. Hautala’s voice is just fine, even if some ideas sound a bit off-place.

It’s not like there is one big problem with Aeonless but rather a lots of minor flaws here and there. When they get piled up like this, the result is not good, but like a demo tape that got too lengthy. Thus it’s hard to recommend this album to anyone, except maybe some collectors looking to find something rare. Other than that, just skip this album.

Track list:
1. Eurooppa (Europe)
2. Aktion (Action)
3. Piiritys (Encirclement)
4. Makaaberi (Macabre)
5. Saapuminen (Arrival)
6. Käsky (Dictation)
7. Pako (Breakout)
8. Syyttäjä (Accuser)
9. Arki (Daily)
10. Marmori (Marble)