Archaic Sound

TLDR: Death metal, doom metal and dark metal blended together result mediocrity.

Review: Cataleptic’s previous releases (Secluded Path demo, 2010 and debut album Strength Within, 2011) hit the sweet spot with their blend of death metal, doom metal and dark metal. For reasons unknown, the band basically disappeared for many years. But now it’s back. I wish I could stronger than ever, but on the contrary: Forward is their weakeest release thus far.

The album consists of three lengthy songs and one that is, bluntly speaking, way too over-extended: 22 minutes. Musically Forward tries to do what Cataleptic is all about, getting melancholic within their chosen genre. It’s mostly doom and death, but not in a very good way, I’m afraid. Most of the riffs are anything but catchy, good or something to be remember. Actually, I spotted only one really good riff and the rest of the stuff is just filler material.

But that’s not the only problem here. The vocals are sort of growling mixed with shouting and there’s something wrong about them. It’s like the sound levels are too loud and the vocals sound like the loudspeakers are broken or something. Can’t really put my finger on it. In addition the guitar sounds are not very good. They are like demo guitars being too weak and not enough distorted. Meanwhile the drums are pretty good and strong.

However the album has a good atmosphere. Even if the songs themselves are mostly uninteresting and even a bit boring, the atmosphere saves a lot. The result? Mediocre album with some good here and there.

Track list:
1. Ancient Might
2. Grave Peril
3. Oath to Power
4. Disown – Obliterate