DeadEndFinland-sttgDead End Finland
Slaves to the Greed
Inverse Records

TLDR: Melodic metal with synths and disco beats.

Review: As the name suggests, Dead End Finland reveals the country of orgin, too. The chosen genre of music is melodic metal with pop and industrial elements. Kinda like Amaranthe, but without good-looking female vocalist.

Slaves to the Greed is the band’s third album and not much changed since their debut Stain of Disgrace (2011). Meanwhile the other half is the Amaranthesque pop metal, the other half is akin to Swedish melodic metal. If you ever heard anything melodic from Gothenburg, you know the drill.

Clean vocal parts are the main dish here, when it comes to vox, but as it’s nowadays “mandatory”, there are some “rough growling”, too. To be brutally honest, the latter doesn’t feel that good of an idea here. Firstly, it doesn’t appeal that well to mainstream, and secondly, for those of more brutal or extreme metal… well, Dead End Finland is too light-weight for that audience anyway.

Industrial vibes are mostly just for spice, too. There’s not much of an impact with them either. As if they were on the album so that one can just say “we have industrial elements, too”. Quite a pity, because with stronger output those could make a difference.

It’s not like Slaves to the Greed is a bad album, but it’s very, very medicore one. Even if the sounds are quite strong, the songs are not and there’s nothing that can change the fact.

Track list:
1. Through the Echoes, Future & Past
2. Inside the Void
3. Fragments of the Innocent
4. Messenger of Sorrow
5. Nightfall
6. Devil’s Triangle (Interlude)
7. Screaming Back to Hell
8. 5000 Voices
9. The Devil Inside Me
10. Slaves to the Greed