Olio tähtien takaa - NOlio tähtien takana
Wolfspell Records

TLDR: Synth- and ambient-filled black metal is like Limbonic Art’s slower brother.

Review: Multi-instrumentalist Ville “v-Khaoz” Pallonen is a known underground artist for his work in many Finnish black metal bands and, to some extent, with his work with ambient-like synth-projects. Olio tähtien takana brings both lo-fi black metal and synth music (including ambient) together and acts as his solo-project.

Debut album Neocosmos is actually quite a nice surprise, since it doesn’t remind too much of any other band in the business. The only one that actually came to mind while listening to this one is Limbonic Art, but even that is way more fast-tempo and more “ADHD” than this one, so there’s a clear distinction with these two.

Necosmos is mostly instrumental stuff focusing heavily on synths and creating dark, mysterious atmosphere. But there are some shrieky vocals on the background, too, in conjunction with black metal guitar riffs. While they make a difference taking this music among the black metal artists, their part is more like co-starring elements than anything else. Not that it matters much since Neocosmos works well with its two lengthy songs. These two alone clock almost 40 minutes in total.

All in all Neocosmos is quite a refreshing release. It doesn’t sound like anything else, which is nice for a change, and these ambient ideas are well-produced compositions.

Track list:
1. The Watcher
2. Encircled by Spectral Dimension