With Primeval Force
Century Media

TLDR: Black metal infused thrash metal is a solid success.

Review: Vampire’s self-titled debut album came out about three years ago and proved to be solid, yet quite unpolished newcomer in the field of thrash metal. After that these Swedes have released quite a few eps and singles, and now finally it’s time for their second studio album.

With almost 40 mins of metal, With Primeval Force offers their blackened thrash with lots of energy and sort of catchiness. It’s not only the band’s raspy blackmetalish vocals that remind of black metal, but also soundwise there are similarities. Unless you’re a true thrash metal maniac, this ain’t a bad thing, of course.

Even though the songs are not actually bullseye masterpieces, there are next to none any flaws. Songs are not too lengthy nor are they too repetitive. Vampire’s black/thrash is actually the type of metal that probably would sound very good played live. However, the stuff is nothing original. There are no songs you instantly start repeating by yourself inside your head, but more like just good ol’ thrash with these elements from bm and maybe some death metal, too.

With Primeval Force is bigger than the sum of its individual parts. It’s easy to listen, easy to enjoy experience that should be on your to do list if you are into black/thrash metal in the first place.

Track list:
1. Knights of the Burning Crypt
2. He Who Speaks
3. Metamorphosis
4. Skull Prayer
5. Midnight Trial
6. Revenants
7. Ghoul Wind
8. Initiation Rite
9. Scylla