Haar-UrDraugrHaar / Ur Draugr
Haar / Ur Draugr

TLDR: Two avantgarde black metal bands performing a split.

Review: Avantgarde black metal and other such anomalities rarely manage to please a wider audience. And the reasons are many. These two bands on this split CD have decided to go in that direction, however, and even though there are some good ideas on the album, I can’t honestly say that these bands actually know what they are doing. At the very least, they are not doing very solid job at creating good songs.

Haar from Scotland and Ur Draugr from Australia are both relatively new bands. Both have one album and some EP material to go with that. In many ways these two bands are good together. Even though the album has only three songs, the overall length exceeds 40 minutes.

Haar start the split with their trio of songs. While there are traditional ideas in terms of black metal and sinister atmosphere, the band’s more “artistic ambitions” have taken them over the genre fences in order to create something rare, if not unique. Yes, this is avantgarde black metal that doesn’t follow the rules or boundaries set within the genre. Yes, it doesn’t work very well. Yes, this could be a lot better with some tweaks and tunings.

The band is at its best when trying to go where Enslaved has gone with its later years, but to be honest, Haar is nowhere near them in quality or song-writing. But at least Haar is doing better job than the band following them, Ur Draugr.

This Australian band has gone even farther. They have introduced clean vocals and growling to their avantgarde black metal. The result is like some metalcore posse is figuring out how to do artsy fartsy black metal. Wow. And all 20 minutes of this? Jesus fuck! I’m not saying this song is totally band or anything, but there are so many flaws that I can’t even begin with. Sure, there are some okay riffs and vocal parts, but most of it is just uninteresting. And even to that length, that I’m not very eager to check out their previous material either.

All in all this split is for avantgarde black metal genre enhtusiastics only and if you are not one of them, just skip this.

1. Haar – Extinction
2. Haar – Strings
3. Haar – Architects
4. Ur Draugr – The Vista Profunda