Rebels Shall Conquer
Iron Shield Records

TLDR: Progressive thrash that fails to unleash its potential.

Review: German Tyron play thrash, but not the typical Teutonic way. On the contrary, it’s rather progressive and modern. This newcomer started just in 2014 and this is their debut album. For such, Rebels Shall Conquer is pretty okay, but it’s not a kind of release you’ll consider classic some day.

Even though the band is young, the guys behind it are experienced players. These guys are actually pretty skillful and know their way with the guitars and whatnot very well. This results in multi-faceted way of playing the thrash and not the more straight-forward pounding you might expect from a band in this genre.

This is both an up and down for the band. Even though the production is pretty good, the songs are not that intense and ass-kicking. It’s as if this band kinda understands Metallica’s golden era’s end times, but haven’t properly figured how to clone it. Too bad Tyron didn’t manage to do that since there is potential.

Rebels Shall Conquer ain’t a bad album, but it’s more a mediocre one than a good one. Let’s see how this band will evolve in the years to come.

1. Mens Fate
2. From Prey to Predator
3. Murder
4. Maverick
5. Sick of It All
6. Blazing Trail
7. Beast Inside
8. Hollister Riot