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Stench Price
Transceding Obscurity

TLDR: Grind “super group” tries to have fun including lounge music elements in the music.

Review: Stench Price is a kind of a super group in terms of grind. Vocalists like Danny Lilker, Dave Ingram and Rogga Johansson and a few other known genre names are featured on the album. So, it’s gonna be all good, huh?

Not really. There are only six rather short songs on the album, which is a blessing. The riffs are not that good, in fact, they are more or less quite the average. And since the vocalists each have only one song on the album, the vocals are different in each song. This varies from growling to shrieking and some randomg whining. Some of them are good, some are not.

But the worst problem is that the band tries to be funny. They have included sort of lounge music among the grind/death metal riffs and this shit ain’t funny even on the first spin, not to mention the rest. The joke gets old really, really fast. Too bad the production is not good either. It is simply put okayish, but nothing really good. And since the riffs are quite everyday filler stuff, there’s not much to go “wow!” about.

Unless you’re a hardcore fan of one or more of the mentioned vocalists above, forget about this. It ain’t worth your time.

Track list:
1. Living Fumes
2. Furnaces Burn
3. Pressure
4. 4.27.15
5. The Genocide Machine
6. The Vitality Slip